O'Neill's - 優質雞胸肉&南瓜 - 85g x 24罐


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O’Neill’s premium fresh cat food made from 100% fresh, natural, and real human grade meat providing a healthy complete diet for your kitties.


  • Use only Premium Human Grade Meat只採用人類食用級別肉類
  • Quality Fibre for Cat’s Digestive System 優質膳食纖維促進腸道蠕動和健康
  • Relieve and Prevent the Formation of Hairballs 幫助排除毛球及防止毛球形成
  • Grain Free無穀物
  • No Preservative無防腐劑
  • No Artificial Flavours 無味精
  • No Artificial Colors 無色素
  • Quality Protein and Amino Acids 優質蛋白質和氨基酸
  • Great Source of Vitamin A,B,C,E 豐富維他命A,B,C,E
  • 香港製造


Chicken, Pumpkin 雞肉、南瓜