DELICIAS 半濕 西班牙狗糧 1.5kg

Mediterranean Natural

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Mediterranean Natural Delicias is a complete semi-moist dog food for adult dogs and puppies with a high palatability and digestibility.

The semi-moist food for adult dogs (with improved formula) is specially made for small and medium-sized dogs, as well as the dogs with difficulty chewing. It comes in 3 kg (and zipper closure) and 1.5 kg formats.

The semi-moist puppy food is specially developed to promote the growth of dogs under 1 year of age and it is available in 800 gr format.

Packaged in a modified atmosphere, Mediterranean Natural’s complete food contains meat and fish from the human food chain, prawn extract and crab extract (a source of glucosamine) to promote the development of cartilaginous tissues, and artichoke extract (Delicias for adults), which helps to regenerate liver cells, eliminates toxins and lowers cholesterol. Thanks to the oil of oregano and rosemary, with high antibacterial power, it also helps the correct gastrointestinal transit.

In addition, it is low fat food (Delicias for adults) and it takes care of the skin and hair, keeping it healthy and shiny.


Meat 65% (chicken meat, Serrano ham, beef meat, lamb meat, pork liver), rice, vegetal glycerin, salmon (min. 5%), tuna (min. 5%), artichoke extract, crab extract, prawn extract. Additives: Preservatives: citric acid, propionic acid, potassium sorbate. Nutritional additives: oregano oil, rosemary, Vitamin A 15000ui, Vitamin D3 840ui, Vitamin E 45ui.

Analytical constituents:

Protein: 26.3%, Fat content: 6.6%, crude ash: 14.8%, fibre: 1.0%, moisture: 10.2%, 329 Kcal/100g. glucosamine: 50mg/kg. calcium 3.0g/100g, phosphorous 1.4g/100g, magnesium 0.16g/100g, iron 0.02g/100g, omega3 0.31g/100g, omega6 0.86g/100g, omega9 (oleic acid) 1.69g/100g